Next generation agriculture enabler: First Harvest

Next generation agriculture enabler: First Harvest

We believe that it is a crucial issue to transfer the experience which we gained in the past on agriculture and livestock management to next generations for sustainable supply needs of planet and next generations by supporting technology and innovation.

We are able to access any data from anywhere and implement business scenarios that could improve our working efficiency.

Targeted toward plantation, productivity-oriented planting, monitoring of healthy growing process, labor organization, the right time to acquire the product and planning the sales stage. First Harvest allows you to manage all of these from any location and device with an unique experience in agriculture and livestock management.


First Harvest is a platform to manage and create users own process for agricultural activities and assets themselves without any additional development and consulting except pre-defined rules.

Thanks to agility based platform, users able to manage present and future agricultural assets and activities associated with all parameters instantly and  needs of users can be added in line with their own.

You are able to define many different locations or companies in your base platform and manage activities, assets and reports for each different locations independently.

All of parameters such as user management, parcel management, period information, asset, vehicle, human resources are manageable based on these locations.

Reporting and analysis of all locations could be consolidated in main platform

As you can manage the independent activities of enterprises, First Harvest manages field-based agricultural parcels and all activities as well.

You can define the specific business processes and activities like planting, fertilizing, harvesting and summer harvesting for independent areas or parcels.

Besides pre-defined activity types for field, garden, citrus areas, it is possible to still follow and manage the specific process with the First Harvest.

Also you can manage and analyze all sensor and workforce based data of agricultural areas used in different business processes like seed, medicine, irrigation, machinery and human resources.

First Harvest allows you to manage all of your animal existence and arable land.

Also your living assets by ear numbers, RFID, barcodes and so on. It can watch the different applications integrated manner.

First Harvest enables you to analyze the whole life cycle of your assets in addition you can manage and monitor milk production as well.

First Harvest analyzes all elements of cost and profits in your organization down to the smallest details.

You can manage your financial and outsourcing activities including sales and the earnings.

Whether the coordinate data or manual drawing you can monitor and manage all your activities on map based GUI.

In this way, you can follow the agricultural and livestock activities in different business entirely with images overview map in real environments.

Also you can monitor the activities of your vehicles on the same map GUI with the vehicle tracking system integration.

Agriculture or livestock management, all the tools you use in your activities has the possibility of bi-directional integration with hardware and software platforms.

You can have First Harvest on public (Azure, Amazon Web Services) private cloud or on-premise environment.

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