biz.ülker Intranet

biz.ülker Intranet

Ülker is a subsidiary of Yıldız Holding. Its association with Ülker has benefitted Yıldız Holding in its business activities and added value to its other subsidiary brands. Ülker was the first subsidiary of Yıldız Holding and is its main brand.

Today, Ülker has hundreds of sub-brands that serving the consumers and holding a strong presence in the marketplace. The brands all share the same principles and values of Ülker manufacturing a wide span of products such as biscuits, chocolate, candy, chewing gum, liquid oil, dairy products, carbonated beverages, ice cream, coffee and baby food.

Knowledge Experts designed and developed the initial versions of biz.ulker Intranet on Sharepoint 2010 platform.

biz.ulker Intranet includes various applications integrated with SAP, AS/400 and other platforms inside the organization. biz.ulker also has deep personalization features built on Sharepoint platform.

  • Client Ülker
  • Tags Application Development, Digital Workplace, Manufacturing, Microsoft Sharepoint

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