Integrated user experience and engagement levels of today’s social applications we use in personal life make it compulsory to deliver similar experiences to your employees as also digital native generations are joining organizations day by day.

Organizations needs innovation more than ever for keeping up their pace in digital era.

And of course, innovation needs rare found digital talents, smooth collaboration/communication platforms, flexible workspaces and production environments.

Description of “work” is not limited with location and time anymore.

The workspaces are not the beautifully designed offices with various game consoles and colorful seats, it’s the experiences of your employees who are spending most of their working hours for doing certain tasks and routines on certain devices and applications.

For us; A successful digital transformation is: seamless, smooth, integrated experience of people, technology and process.

A well designed Digital Workplace is the core of organization’s inside-out digital transformation process.

Knowledge Experts Digital Workplace Services

  • Managed Digital Workplaces
  • Digital Workplace Program Design
  • Detailed User and Process Analysis
  • Industry Specific Digital Workplaces
  • User Experience Design
  • Platform Architecture Design and Deployment
  • Governance Strategy and Planning
  • Engagement Consulting
  • Intranet Design and Development
  • Application Development and Platform Integration
  • Corporate Communication, Content and Visual Design
  • Personalization Services
  • Enterprise Social Network Services
  • User Training/Support Services

Intranets are the core of Digital Workplace platforms.

A good beautiful designed and well governed Intranet is a must for organization wide collaboration and collaboration.

As Knowledge Experts, we provide Intranet planning, deployment, development, user experience and front-end design services tailored to your organization’s needs for Microsoft Sharepoint and Sharepoint Online platforms.

With our rich set of ready-to-use Sharepoint application suite integrated with various business applications (SAP, Dynamics, Oracle Business Suite etc.) we can offer a comprehensive and end to end Intranet experience for your business/user needs.

Here are the main services we provide for your Intranet needs.

  • Platform Architecture Design
  • Sharepoint Governance Design
  • User, Mental Model and Persona Analysis
  • Content Planning and Providing
  • Document / Archive / Records Management
  • Installation / Migration
  • Sharepoint Services Management
  • Application Development
  • Visual Design and Front-end Development
  • Support and Maintenance

Recognizing the needs of users and providing related contents, tasks, documents, KPIs, reports and conversations is vital function of a Digital Workplace

And only way of increasing the accuracy for providing right elements to right users is using correct algorithms, services and data sources on platforms.

Also, improving our development frameworks continuously based on future technologies like Machine Intelligence, Artifical Intelligence and Ambient Learning.

Each department, process and user needs a seamless experience and integration for task and form based daily routines.

And a simple form connected to a workflow is not a right solution as we learnt by our long-term Intranet experience.

We have ready-to-use application solutions integrated with most of your organization’s line of business applications including various views for different roles/departments and processes.

Social features are important for digital workplaces for not only having a conversations and direct engagement with employees. It’s also the most efficient way of reaching the right information in a straight line.

The most trustable and hard to reach information in organizations are the experiences of employees. Which means your co-workers able to reach the right answer, from right person without running around organization chart hierarchy.

Also, feed and activity based social platforms are the today’s standards of any social platforms. But they are meaningless in a digital workplace if you can’t provide not only the right contents, but activities from other applications too.

We plan, deploy and manage several enterprise social network platforms including Yammer, Facebook Workplace, SAP JAM and IBM Connections for a better digital workplace experience.

And you have all your conversations, contents, tasks and notifications from other applications integrated with your digital workplace as well.

A digital workplace is nothing if it is limited with device and firewall boundaries.

People would like to reach their contents, reports, tasks, feeds and documents instantly and with same experience from all devices in any location.

Approving a task while walking another meeting or reaching the latest updates from social platforms.

These are the standards of modern business application experience.

Our native iOS and Android Mobile Workplace applications let your users to reach all digital workplace contents anywhere with an exceptional experience.